Wealth By Design

Camille M.

Retirement takes financial planning and discipline. Why not work with a professional who knows what she’s doing? Questions I have been asking were answered. I highly recommend this book to all who are thinking about retirement or are already retired.

Salvatore P.

Elisabeth gives a sensible and logical approach for retirement and financial independence.


I love how such delicate information was written in a practical and comprehensive way and most importantly with heart. It just gave me a wider vision of many hidden actions that need to take place for the sake of my financial wealth and health. The extra bonus: it’s a fast read!

David C.

Elisabeth’s book gives you insight into how to better manage your finances, how to maximize protection for your loved ones, and how to plan for your retirement. The book is a good introduction and easy to follow along.

Monica S.

Wealth by Design gives individuals the opportunity to choose to dream big and change their financial destiny no matter what stage of life you are in! This book gives one a comprehensive look into possible holes in financial planning and educates you on learning to invest in yourself! Learn how to customize and personalize your financial plan depending on your financial goals! Find money in unexpected places and let your wealth multiply! Thank you Elisabeth!!

Bryan D.

Elisabeth does an excellent job of explaining her advisory process and her strategies for retirement planning. Elisabeth’s deep desire to help people with this important topic comes through in every chapter.