Retirement By Design

Marilyn Y.

“She has a different perspective than traditional financial consultants and I like the more in depth yet personal approach.”

AJ Roberts

“In fact, almost everything I’d been doing was DEAD wrong. I wish I had this information when I first started working. I’ve thrown hundreds of thousands of dollars away over the years that all could have gone towards my retirement. THANK GOD I discovered this now before it was too late.” – AJ Roberts

Joe Strazzeri, Counselor and Attorney at Law

Retirement by Design is yet another example of Elisabeth’s thought leadership in the financial planning world. The book is a no-nonsense guide to better financial outcomes using a coordinated and comprehensive approach to all aspects of financial planning. Elisabeth lays out how to steward your day-to-day and year-to-year life to find your desired outcome, even with all the twists and turns that this world has to offer. Enjoy the read and implement!

Salvatore Petruzzella, CLU, ChFC, Industry Expert

Retirement By Design is an enjoyable and educational read on how to safeguard your retirement plan. Elisabeth explains effective strategies for accumulating savings, the pluses, and the minuses in a simple and logical manner. This book is a must-read for people who are concerned with safeguarding their retirement and don’t want to worry about outliving their income.

Mike Steranka, Author, Speaker, and Retirement Specialist

Elisabeth shares the keys to a successful retirement but more importantly, she guides you through the financial structure you need to make it a reality. She does an incredible job of providing the necessary tools for long-term financial security. Elisabeth’s knowledge and experience are top-notch. She identifies the pitfalls many people face and outlines how to avoid them. I’ve seen what she can do, and her financial process is the whole package.

Brian Gengler, President of First Income Advisors

Once again Elisabeth Dawson has hit a home run! As one of the top financial advisors in the country, she has the unique ability to make something very complex, and easy to understand. For some, this book will be a life changer, for some, this book will be a lifesaver!