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Welcome to Season 3!

Ways to Love Your Money is brought to you by Copia Productions.

New episodes release each Wednesday and are available on any podcast app.

Please call (619) 640-2622 or click here to discuss being a featured guest on the show.

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Episode 25

Elisabeth is joined by Katie, and together they discuss the latest updates of the Paycheck Protection Program.

Episode 24

As we reach day 100 of battling the Caronavirus, Elisabeth shares updates and tips for making it through, financially.

Episode 23

Elisabeth discusses when and when not to file for social security.

Episode 22

Elisabeth discusses retirement plans for employers. What sort of plans can you set up for your employees?

Episode 21

As times have changed, so have our plans. Elisabeth asks you to start considering your new wish-list!

Episode 20

Elisabeth shares what's new in the stock market and what choices you should be making to succeed there. 

Episode 19

Elisabeth provides Disability Awareness!

Episode 18

Elisabeth discusses what Estate Planning is and when its the right time for you to get started on yours.

Episode 17

What does income look like during The Covid-19 Pandemic?

Episode 16

Elisabeth reviews what it means to have certainty in your life and in your finances. She explains how to make sure you are certain in the world of uncertainty. 

Episode 15

Elisabeth discusses the importance of setting goals, not only for yourself, but for your family as well.

Episode 14

Elisabeth provides strategies for making your money last!

Episode 13

Elisabeth talks about mindset in the face of uncertainty and finding ways you can help others amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Episode 12

Elisabeth explains the details of recently passed legislation, the CARES Act, and what it may mean for you.

Episode 11

Elisabeth discusses re-evaluating your cash flow and finding a balance during this economically volatile time.

Episode 10

Elisabeth discusses facing uncertainty in today’s unique circumstances.

Episode 9

Elisabeth talks business growth with Reagan Shallal.

Episode 8

Elisabeth sits down with Tana Hoy to discuss manifestation and how it impacts your life and money.

Episode 7

Elisabeth talks with Ande Frazier about financial education, cultivating a positive money mindset and Ande's new book.

Episode 6

Elisabeth talks about setting money goals with CFP, Christina Lynn.

Episode 5

Elisabeth sits down with Alexis Miller to talk allowance and get a teenager's perspective on earning and saving money.

Episode 4

Elisabeth and Jonathan discuss the details of real estate transactions.

Episode 3

Elisabeth explains some changes accompaning the SECURE Act and how it may impact your financial plan.

Episode 2

Elisabeth talks estate planning and explains some of the differences between a will and a living trust.

Episode 1

Elisabeth welcomes in the new year with Bill Lyons, CEO of Griffin Funding and co-founder at Greendoor.
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