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Welcome to Elisabeth's video podcast series, Ways To Love Your Money.
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Episode 39

Elisabeth talks with author and CFP, JJ Wenrich, about his passion for educating children (and adults) about stocks, investing, and finance.

Episode 38

Elisabeth discusses defining your goals and investment risk vs. guarantees with Chris Grady, executive vice president for Athene Life Insurance & Annuity Company.


Episode 37

Elisabeth talks health insurance and information access with Diana Polyakov.

Episode 36

Elisabeth looks at budgeting for travel with real estate expert, Jonathan Olow.

Episode 35

Elisabeth discusses lending and ADUs with James Carmody, VP and branch manager for Synergy One Lending.

Episode 34

Elisabeth talks with Barry James Dyke, owner of Castle Asset Management, about market volatility, pension plans and informed investing.

Episode 33

Elisabeth discusses consumer credit and the credit card industry with Nick Toledo, Corporate Relationship Manager for Chase Paymentech.
Elisabeth discusses consumer credit and the credit card industry with Nick Toledo, Corporate Relationship Manager for Chase Paymentech.

Episode 32

Elisabeth welcomes back Jonathan Olow, of the Olow Real Estate Group.

Episode 31

Elisabeth talks with Eddie Ghabour, Managing Partner at Key Advisors Group LLC.

Episode 30

Elisabeth interviews Eric Kuhns, Regional Vice President and Financial Wholesaler for the Pacific Financial Group, Inc.

Episode 29

Elisabeth sits down with real estate expert Jonathan Olow, of the Olow Real Estate Group.

Episode 28

Elisabeth skypes with Al Caicedo, President and Owner of CKS Summit Group.

Episode 27

Elisabeth talks with Tom Welch, Senior Vice President/SBA Department Manager at Neighborhood National Bank.

Episode 26

Elisabeth interviews Larry Silverstein, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Lafayette Life Insurance Company.

Episode 25

Elisabeth talks "healthy, wealthy living" and more with Jonathan Olow, of the Olow Real Estate Group.

Episode 24

Elisabeth sits down with Steve Elia, owner of Elia Law Firm, APC.

Episode 23

Elisabeth interviews Lisa Frisella, owner of Frisella Law Firm in San Diego.

Episode 22

Elisabeth sits down with Dylan Welch, producer for Ignite Now Media.

Episode 21

Elisabeth interviews with Scott Brooks, President of Financial & Tax Architects, Inc.

Episode 20

Elisabeth talks with Ande Frazier, CEO and Head of Vision & Brand at MyWorth.

Episode 19

Elisabeth interviews Michael Worch, president of the Worch Financial Group.

Episode 18

Elisabeth talks money and motivation with Joe Detmer, a senior loan strategy specialist with Synergy One Lending.

Episode 17

Elisabeth discusses the money mindset of the millennial generation with
Chase Majerus, digital media specialist for Ignite Now Media.

Episode 16

Elisabeth talks cash flow and living your ideal retirement with Bill and Billie Dawson.

Episode 15

Elisabeth interviews Alejandra Rodriguez, owner of Rodriguez Law Offices in San Diego.

Episode 14

Elisabeth talks to entrepreneur Craig Sewing, CEO of Ignite Now Media, creator and host of The American Dream TV.

Episode 13

Elisabeth interviews Neil Leiman, President and CEO of Leiman and Associates

Episode 12

Elisabeth sits down with Julie Marner, the Executive Director for the non-profit Burundi Friends International. 

Episode 11

Elisabeth interviews CPA Ray Gallagher.

Episode 10

Elisabeth speaks to Kim Butler, CEO of Partners for Prosperity, LLC.

Episode 9

Elisabeth interviews Michael Schumacher, founder and president of Enact Partners.

Episode 8

Elisabeth talks with Dr. Shawn Robek, owner of FIX Body Group, about how he took his business to the next level using financial planning.

Episode 7

Elisabeth talks with Austin Adams, of American National Insurance, about protecting your assets and money as a effective tool.

Episode 6

Elisabeth interviews with Craig Gussin, CEO of Auerbach & Gussin Insurance and Financial Services.

Episode 5

Elisabeth interviews with Brian Gengler, President of First Income Advisors.

Episode 4

Elisabeth talks with pastor, Erik Dees, of Journey Community Church.

Episode 3

Elisabeth speaks with insurance advisor/broker, Joseph Deutsch.

Episode 2

Elisabeth interviews Reagan Shallal of Black Op Petroleum.

Episode 1

Elisabeth sits down with Jonathan Olow of the Olow Real Estate Group.
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