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Episode 11

Katie joins Elisabeth in studio to discuss the difference in goal planning and priorities of money for folks in their 30's. 

Episode 10

The Owner of Cleveland Cafe joins Elisabeth to discuss the struggles and successes of her new business!

Episode 9

Elisabeth is joined by April House to discuss the San Diego workforce and the need for financial literacy!

Episode 8

Elisabeth discusses the various struggles women face when preparing for retirement and how to overcome them!

Episode 7

Katie rejoins Elisabeth to discuss travel and saving money from an early age. 

Episode 6

Elisabeth discusses how to prepare for losing a loved one. 

Episode 5

Elisabeth interviews Reading Legacies founder, Betty Mohlenbrock on the impact her her organization is making, as well as gets into the finances behind running a non-profit.

Episode 4

Elisabeth and special guest, Grace Castillo continue their conversation of emotions behind financial decisions. 

Episode 3

Elisabeth and special guest, Grace Castillo discuss mental health and the part it plays with our relationship to money. 

Episode 2

Elisabeth and Katie discuss the terrors and possibility of Identity Theft and how to avoid something happening to you. 

Episode 1

Elisabeth is joined by Jonathan Olow, and together they discuss the latest on all things real estate during Covid-19.

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