Hello everyone, I’m Elisabeth Dawson, and I’m here to talk about something incredibly important: setting clear and achievable goals for your retirement. In my book, Retirement by Design, I introduce a transformative concept called the “Wish List.” 

This isn’t your average to-do list; it’s a roadmap to your ideal life, free from financial constraints. 

It’s about asking yourself: 

  • What would I do if money wasn’t a concern? 
  • What adventures would I embark on? 
  • What lifelong dreams would I finally chase?

The Power of Visualization: Why Your Wish List Matters

The Wish List is a powerful tool because it encourages you to dream big. It allows you to envision your life in the best possible scenario, where money is abundant and doesn’t dictate your choices. 

I urge everyone, not just to think about these dreams, but to write them down. This simple act transforms them from fleeting thoughts into tangible plans with the potential to become reality.

The Power of Visualization: Why Your Wish List Matters

From Dreams to Reality: Turning Your Wish List into Actionable Goals

Once you have your Wish List brimming with dreams, the next step is to translate those dreams into achievable goals. This is where we bridge the gap between aspiration and action. We take those abstract wishes and make them strategic objectives with clear steps. 

For example, if your dream is to travel extensively, what does that look like for you? 

Do you envision exploring the bustling streets of Tokyo, relaxing on the pristine beaches of Bali, or cruising the scenic canals of Amsterdam? 

For how long would you like to travel? 

And most importantly, what kind of budget would you need to make these adventures a reality?

Avoiding the Daily Grind: Living with Intentionality

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, where days and years seem to blend together without any significant progress toward your true goals. I want to emphasize the importance of living with intention. Don’t just work to work; work towards a fulfilling life. Every goal you achieve should propel you towards the next, creating a continuous cycle of personal growth and accomplishment.

Taking Action: Moving from Planning to Doing

Taking Action: Moving from Planning to Doing

I’m a big believer in taking action. While planning is essential, it’s only the first step. If you’re serious about achieving your retirement goals, consider grabbing a copy of Retirement by Design (or listening if you prefer audiobooks). This book will guide you through the process of aligning your financial decisions with your personal aspirations. It offers practical advice and strategic planning tools to help you not just set goals, but achieve them.

A Call to Create the Retirement You Deserve

As you look towards your golden years, remember that a successful retirement is built on intentional planning. Don’t let another year slip by without taking charge of your future. Set goals, make plans, and most importantly, take action. Your future self will thank you for the effort you put in today.

There’s lots of information out there these days and it’s important to tailor your retirement plans to your unique circumstances. Don’t hesitate to consult with a qualified financial expert to ensure you’re on the right track to achieve your financial goals.

Imagine yourself stepping into your retirement with confidence, knowing you have clear goals and a well-defined plan in place.

Here’s the exciting part: We don’t just have to dream about the future, we can actively create it! With careful planning, your later years won’t just be secure, they’ll be brimming with the joy of fulfilling your lifelong dreams.

Don't Wait: Take Charge of Your Financial Future Today!

Don’t Wait: Take Charge of Your Financial Future Today!

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