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Welcome to Season 5!

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Episode 14

Elisabeth speaks with London-based money mindset coach, Gull Khan, about your money avatar.

Episode 13

Elisabeth connects with Michelle Burkart to discuss business mediation and finance.

Episode 12

Elisabeth sits down with John Stoj from Verbatim Financial to talk about his journey through Wall Street.

Episode 11

Elisabeth talks with mortgage expert Rosemarie Litoff about learning when and why a reverse mortgage can be beneficial for you.

Episode 10

Elisabeth speaks with Ande Frazier about the challenges women face when it comes to money and financial decisions.

Episode 9

Elisabeth talks succession planning with Steven Goodman, President & CEO of SHG Planning.

Episode 8

Find out the crucial steps to take when starting a business as Elisabeth talks with business expert Tatiana Tsoir.

Episode 7

Elisabeth checks in with Radon Stancil, a financial expert from the east coast, to compare perspectives on the story of retirement.

Episode 6

Elisabeth takes time to chat with Tracey Bissett about life as a business owner and the importance of discussing money with your kids.

Episode 5

Elisabeth sits down with Damion Lupo to talk about being an entrepreneur and his business.

Episode 4

Elisabeth talks with Ryan Worch, principal at Worch Capital, LLC.

Episode 3

Elisabeth catches up with recording artist and TV host, Amy Scruggs.

Episode 2

Elisabeth talks with Mike Rodman, founder and President of Best Practices of America.

Episode 1

Elisabeth talks with Robert Kenyon, CEO of Discover Magazines and First Cabin Travel.